Effortless Aerial Data Management and Sharing

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Share With Ease
We make the process of sharing images, orthophotos, digital elevation models and point clouds effortless (and works way better than Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud).
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Cloud Platform
Online storage for your drone data!
Desktop App
Explore aerial data on your computer.
DroneDB Desktop
Flight Plan
Flight paths and partitioning
View image locations and flight paths.
Select and partition dataset directly on the map.
Orthophoto Visualization
Explore orthophotos on the map with high details and multiple zoom levels.
Point Cloud
Point Cloud Visualization
You can browse LAZ point clouds using the online viewer. Measure distances, areas and volumes using the integrated tools.

Power users love us

Scripting & Sharing
Command line friendly, excellent for automations and scripts.
Offline Capable
Network speeds can be a bottleneck for accessing aerial data. DroneDB lets you work entirely offline and sync up with a network server at a later time, similar to other distributed systems such as Git.
Fast Indexing and Querying
Conventional databases are not designed to handle large amounts of aerial data. DroneDB delivers fast georeferenced data indexing and querying capabilities.
Index image metadata
Parse EXIF and XMP image metadata: camera parameters, focal lenght, sensor info, geospatial references, and much more.